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Name:Blaize Casey Lamont
Birthdate:Apr 30
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Blaize Casey Lamont is the youngest son of Cash and Lena Lamont, following an older sister, Jenny, and two older brothers (Greg and Trent), although born female, has undergone complete gender reassignment surgery and now identifies as transmasculine non-binary or, as he tends to describe himself, "mostly male". When Blaize took the step, at the relatively young age of 18 and required parental consent for the surgery, to undergo gender reassignment surgery, he knew there was never the chance he would fall into the stereotypical 'masculine' box. He wasn't going to suddenly love watching sports (he hated sport), making regular fart jokes, or getting around in flannel shirts, humping fast cars, belching, and trying to feel up chicks' tits, as the stereotype liked to dictate. But it was in understanding he had a non-binary gender that he decided he wanted to help others just like him going through similar journeys. Blaize began to document his story through a YouTube channel and posted his first video 'coming out' as transmasculine non-binary on his 15th birthday, explaining to the world at large what that meant to him him... though completely understood that what was his normal wasn't what anyone else's was. From there on, his life was a bit of a whirlwind.

Ultimately, these days in the wake of his surgery, Blaize is a guy in body but outwardly very much celebrates his masculine/feminine identity. He loves high fashion, he loves wearing makeup and nail polish, he'll buy women's clothing as much as men and mix up outfits with both, and he can rock a set of six-inch stilettos like a boss. He loves visiting the day spa, reading fashion magazines, shopping, and romcom movies. However, he also loves playing video games, riding motorcycles, archery and skateboarding. He now has over two million subscribers to his channel and on social media, has written a book about his transitioning journey, and does a lot of public inspirational speaking for teens questioning their gender and sexual identities. He wouldn't change his life, or his identity now, for anyone. He is comfortable in his skin and tends not to deflect the more awkward/embarrassing questions about his transition because he has found that if people are asking the questions, they have a curiosity that can lead to being educated and hence, educating others and showing their support for his community.

However, Blaize's life wasn't always a breeze. Up until Middle School, Blaize lived his life as a female and suffered bullying for being 'different'. The bullies didn't really know how he was different, just that he was, and that was often all the fuel bullies needed. Blaize, then still going by his birth-name, Casey,
began to live life on autopilot, and things got worse when the sex ed classes started and he began to realise just how much a female body would change when it hit. It began to hate looking at himself in the mirror, and developed a phobia of growing breasts and getting his period. One night, grabbed his father's razor and sliced up both his wrists after a bad nightmare. He didn't succeed in taking his own life, but it was a close call. It was the push for his family to realise something was more wrong than Blaize just liking playing with dolls and diving into his sister's dress-up box and makeup more than she did.

That was when Blaize confessed to his family what he had felt inside his whole life, and how he was terrified that it made him a freak. At that point, he didn't really know what transgender was, and he and his family had to go through a learning process themselves. Ultimately, he started on hormone therapy before puberty hit and the family moved away to San Francisco after living in Houston, Texas to give Blaize the chance to commence high school as the gender he truly was. Before they left, however, the rumour mill fired up and someone got wind of the reason the family was moving. A guy that had a crush on Blaize (as female, Casey) asked her to the school dance and a nasty rumour that she wanted a dick made it to him that night, he turned on her.

Blaize called his mom to pick him up, and in their rush to get away from the venue, were side-swiped by car who didn't stop at a stop sign. Blaize suffered a spinal injury and ended up facing many months of rehabilitation to regain the ability to walk. To Blaize, and everyone that loved him, they saw it as a sign that life had to change and it didn't matter what they had to do to achieve it. Once in San Francisco, they began to build a support system around Blaize to help with his full transition. It was there that he met fellow trans guy, Zenith Novak at a support group. It was through Zenith that he also met Zen's best friends, Asher Brennan and Amarlie-Rose Satori, both truly wonderful friends who accepted Zen for exactly who he was. Amarlie's mother was a gender reassignment/confirmation surgical specialist, and she was ultimately who performed Blaize's surgery.

Blaize did recover from the accident without ongoing mobility issues, though he now has mild Rheumatoid Arthritis that can sometimes flare up on him. He doesn't let it stop him. Now, out and proud as a transmasculine non-binary pansexual guy, he travels a lot with the 'job' he accidentally fell into with his vlog, and vlogged the good, the bad, and the ugly of his transition, and has dabbled in drag performing for fun as his alter-ego, Blayze Swayze, an homage to his favourite character in the movie, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar. Blaize makes a point to try to think as positively as he can so his demons have no fuel to flare up on him again and push him to breaking point. Some days, it's not easy, but on those days, he knows he just has to work harder to focus on how blessed he is, rather than falling into the trap of negative thinking. He's not that person anymore, and refuses to let himself be pulled back there. He knows life is good, and he won't let anything get in the way of that.

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